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  • Mosquito nets
  • Zip systems
  • Venetian blinds and sunshades
  • Roller shutters and accessories

Our products

Our Company offers a rich selection of products, constantly updated and improved to meet the ongoing needs of aesthetics and functionality. Our highly qualified staff will conduct an inspection at your home or business to provide a possible quote and immediately discuss any specific requests and requirements.


Mosquito Nets


Zip system

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Venetian Blinds and Sunscreens

Roller Shutters and Accessories

The Company

RM Zanzariere is a Venetian artisan factory specializing in the production and sale of mosquito nets, offering over twenty-five years of experience in manufacturing mosquito nets. Our products are customized and tailored to the customer’s requests.

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We are with you every step of the way!

Progettazione - RM Zanzariere


Produzione - RM Zanzariere


Vendita - RM Zanzariere


Installazione - RM Zanzariere


Assistenza - RM Zanzariere


Manutenzione - RM Zanzariere


Our Services

RM Zanzariere not only provides manufacturing, installation, and assembly of mosquito nets but also offers excellent after-sales service and potential future maintenance. We have always been involved in repairing and installing both new and damaged mosquito nets, and more.

Our Services

From Design

RM Zanzariere will help you design custom-made mosquito nets for your home.

To maintenance

Repairs are carried out by specialized personnel who fix all types of mosquito screens, whether they are produced by us or not!


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